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Chota Mangwa - Where to Go

A very old Monasery at Takling is a place to visit during your stay at Chota Mangwa. If you are not planning a stay at Tinchuley, this also falls under the must visit list, the lush green pine forest surroundings of Tinchuley is surely going to make you feel great.


The age old Takdah Tibetan Medical centre can also be visited which is only 3 kms from Tinchuley. Takdah also has a Forest Rest House which offers excellent accommodation facilities. The Rungliot Tea Estate is also a place to visit. The other important places to visit are Bara Mangwa – 12 kms, Mogpoo – 22 kms, 6 Mile – 12 kms, Ghoom – 23 kms, Sukiapokhri – 31 kms, Darjeeling -33 kms.

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