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Chota Mangwa

A ridge settled atop Darjeeling Hills with magnificent view of Mt. Kanchenjungha on one side and teesta river and valley with Kalimpong Hills on the other side is Chota Mangwa. Placed wonderfully with both side views and orange gardens and citrus plantations surrounding the small quiet village, Chota Mangwa is rapidly growing as a hot tourist destinations.

Chota Mangwa is settled just beaneath Tinchuley of Darjeeling Hills and a three to four days trip comprising of Tinchuley, Chota Mangwa, Bara Mangwa can be your next choice. Chota Mangwa is an eco village in the Mangwa hills with a population of 150 families living nearby.The marvelous view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and equally wonderful sunrise will definitely charm you during your stay at Chota Mangwa.

The locals are mainly engaged in farming and the main produce is rice along with vegetables like squash, karela (not the one we usually know), with orange orchards almost everywhere in Chota Mangwa, Lemons are also grown here.

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